ADAPT Consultancy Cell

For Customized Business Intelligence

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ADAPT Consultancy Cell is a management consultancy firm specializing in tailor-made business intelligence for industrial markets.

Client organizations at different stages in their life-cycles, need different  types of Business Intelligence support.  Their intelligence needs may have been identified and articulated clearly in many instances, yet possibly not in all cases.  Some organizations  may be faced with un-articulated or semi-articulated intelligence needs, which they would like to first crystallize and then address them appropriately. Their needs may change over time, also due to changes in the business environment and client’s strategic response to those changes.

We can collaborate with the clients in spelling out their intelligence needs, and then evolve the deliverable structure and content.   We do not shy away from ambiguity and dynamic briefs.  Depending on the client’s business objectives, we can offer different types of customized practical information services and solutions best suited to their specific needs.